Indoor Soccer Lighting

Most people have no idea you can light these large facilities indirectly. We at BEST Lights have been doing it for over 20 years. We are experts in how light works in different building configurations which allow us the advantage of selecting the correct fixture to achieve the highest energy savings. Our expertise in fixture placement and positioning along with our point-by-point lighting calculations deliver accurate light levels with the lowest number of fixtures.

At BEST Lights we meet your needs. Whether your focus is on reducing energy consumption, or lighting your playing fields with brighter, safer light, we have you covered.

Some common benefits of Lighting or Re-Lighting your Soccer Field with Best Lights:

  • Energy Savings- use our 775 watt 5000 Kelvin Scotopic lights
  • Brighter Light –lighting available both HID & Fluorescent.
  • Safer Durable Fixtures – Never have broken lamps on your field.
  • Perfectly Even Coverage – Indirect lighting is your best choice, No hot spots.
  • Improved Playing Conditions – No light shining in the player’s eyes.
  • Improved Perception of Facility – No shadows / No glare, very spectator friendly.
  • Improved Level of Safety – Click durability videos on HOME Page………………………….
  • Quick ROI – Assistance in energy calculations, utility rebates and Energy Tax Credits.
  • These are just a few reasons our clients selected BEST Lights to light the largest indoor Soccer Fields in North America.

Call us for recommended Indoor Soccer/ Indoor Lacrosse light levels in foot candles (800) 545-2928.